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A big hello to all the visitors I’ve had over the past week from and (and an super big thanks to those guys for linking to me!).  And an extra special hello from the individual who landed here via a Google search for “petter northug sexy”.  Can’t argue with you there, now can I?

If this is your first time checking out StatisticalSkier, be sure to peruse the Athlete Rankings, which I’ve updated again today, and are explained here.  Also you might want to check out my introductory welcome post, a little bit about me, or about the site in general.

I’ve been trying to ride a thin line so far with the statistics and graphics on the site between fun for me (i.e. complex) and fun for other people (i.e. understandable and clear).  So if you have a hard time reading a graph, or you don’t know what something means, please post a comment!  I promise I’ll respond…

Also, the comments are a great way to let me know what kinds of stuff I post that you like (or do not like).  Otherwise, I’m just guessing based on traffic, and things will skew heavily towards what I think is interesting.  Obviously, I will always reserve the right to post what I want, but I’d like to at least try to respond to reader’s interests.

Finally, a quick note on how often I’ll be posting here.  Most advice I’ve seen for blogging seems to agree that it’s key to set a schedule for posting new content and to stick with it.  My goal is to update the site with new content 2-3 times a week, most likely on a MWF sort of schedule.  I’m confident that I can keep that up at least through the fall.  Once the ski season begins, I may shift towards posting smaller items more frequently.  We’ll see how it goes, though…

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  1. kuan says:

    We will want to see a nice normal distribution.

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