More Tour de France Data Visualizations

JunkCharts was nice enough to feature the Tour de France charts I’ve been playing with as a break from skiing data.  I learned via one of the commenters there that (unsurprisingly) I’m not alone in this game.  See here for a handful of similar charts, including ones from previous years.

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4 Responses to “More Tour de France Data Visualizations”
  1. Leif-Åge Reme says:


    I have some questions which I’m trying to find the answers to. I would be more than gratefull if you could help me.
    1. The peleton in Tour de France 2010 consists of riders from 31 countries. Did any of the events in the Vancouver Olympics have as many as 31 countries competing against each other?
    2. What was the total amount of spectators in the Vancouver Olympics? This years tdf expects an amount of approximately 14 million.
    3. How many persons from the media has an accreditation for tdf? How many in the Vancouver Olympics?

    Best regards

    • Joran says:

      As for (3) I have no idea. For (2), a little googling turned up a pre-Olympics estimate of ~2.3 million attendees, don’t know how accurate that ended up being. For (1), the answer is yes. The men’s and women’s individual events are the ones with the easiest qualification routes for skiers from marginal countries (set by FIS, I believe), so those races end up with a lot of racers. For completeness, I found six Olympic races (since 1992) with more than 31 nationalities:

      The men’s 15km races from 2010 and 2006 (49 and 43 nationalities), the women’s 10km races from 2010 and 1998 (36 and 34) and the men’s sprint races in 2006 and 2002 (34 and 36 nationalities).

      There were another three races (all men) with exactly 30 nationalities.

      • Leif-Åge Reme says:

        Thank you very much for tour answer. As you’ve probably figured out my purpose is to find out what is the biggest event – TdF or the Vancouver Olympics


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