Race Snapshot: Davos WC Sprint

Solid day for North America with 5 in the heats, and of course Kikkan’s second sprint podium of the season.  Just watched the video of the women’s final and there’s no question Kowalczyk changed lanes when she wasn’t supposed to.  Definitely hindered Randall, but I’m not sure she would have caught Follis.


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3 Responses to “Race Snapshot: Davos WC Sprint”
  1. Magnus Bigelow says:

    I think it would be interesting if you looked into which quarter finals and semi finals those that podium in sprints originated in (is there a large advantage to be in one heat or another). I heard a statistic on NRK that last year 76% of the podium spots went to people from the first semifinal last year and it would be interesting to know if this is in fact the case. Always enjoy reading you posts.

    • Joran says:

      I’ve had several people suggest this to me, and I agree it sounds interesting. My problem is that basically all of my sprint data is just the qualification/final results, as reported by FIS. Worth only that data it isn’t possible to reconstruct who was in what semi (try it, it’s quite the logic puzzle!). Only within the last few weeks did I start getting more complete results with times from every heat. So I might revisit this at the end of the season when I can actually calculate it for a full season.


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