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{ Monthly Archives } February 2011

WSC Pursuit Recap: North Americans

Ok, now we can talk about how the North Americans fared this weekend. Once again with the very large graphs, starting with the women: Not a ton of racing experience at this level in this group, obviously. It’s tempting to focus on the fact that Stephen, Brooks and Diggins were all in the top thirty, […]

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WSC Pursuit Recap Addendum

Just to follow up from my previous post, here’s a look at a few other women who had particularly good or bad days on Saturday: I suspected that Nicole Fessel would have some strong races this week and this was certainly a good one. There were just too many people who skied faster. After a […]

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Race Snapshot: WSC Women’s 10k Classic

It sounds like Kowalczyk actually made it interesting this time around, although I have to say that while Bjørgen is impressive, this might actually get boring after a while. Or maybe Bjør-ing? Anyway, it’s nice to see Lahteenmaki get a strong result in at World Championships after having so many good races this season. And […]

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WSC Pursuit Recap

After some wild racing this weekend, let’s take a step back and look at some of the top and notable performances again more closely. Starting with the women, here’s a graph showing the top six finishers in Saturday’s 15km pursuit (click through for full version): People keep pestering me about making my graphs bigger; so […]

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Race Snapshot: WSC Men’s Pursuit

Wow, what a crazy race! If the mass start events trend toward this kind of stuff, with lots of attacking, I think that’ll only be a good thing for the sport. As it was, the all that action may have turned the results a bit inside out from what people were expecting. I’ll have a […]

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Race Snapshot: WSC Women’s Pursuit

Once again we have some potentially misleading FIS points, as Bjørgen, Kowalczyk and Johaug skied away from the field a bit. I’ll have a closer look at the results that adjust for this on Monday. It was mostly the usual suspects at the top, but what a race for Maria Rydqvist, though!

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Week In Review: Friday Feb 25th

With World Championships finally underway in Oslo, things are getting busy again. Here’s what’s been cooking this past week: We had the final World Cup races before WSCs in Drammen; so we had race snapshots for the distance and sprint races, and then the requisite recaps as well. I pulled together a few quick graphs […]