Race Snapshot: WSC Women’s 10k Classic

It sounds like Kowalczyk actually made it interesting this time around, although I have to say that while Bjørgen is impressive, this might actually get boring after a while. Or maybe Bjør-ing?

Anyway, it’s nice to see Lahteenmaki get a strong result in at World Championships after having so many good races this season. And how about four Norwegian and four Finnish women in the top ten? I’m off to look up some historical stats on that one…

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One Response to “Race Snapshot: WSC Women’s 10k Classic”
  1. … Kowalczyk did make it exciting today – nothing was decided until just before the finish. Compliments to Kowalczyk for trying to start full speed – it really made this race a thriller. She deserved a gold medal today, I think. Kind of boring with only Bjørgen winning, indeed.

    BTW: I don’t know why they didn’t have an extra intermediate time at around 5 km though. I think it would have made the broadcast more interesting if they would have taken the last 5-10 starters through one more checkpoint….

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