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{ Monthly Archives } July 2011

How Often Do Ties Occur?

With the modern chip timing tools used today ties should be fairly rare. They do still happen, though: This shows the number of ties per race of each type for WC, OWG, WSC and TDS races for men and women. As we might have expected, there are considerably fewer ties in mass start style races. […]

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FIS Point Trends In Olympic Medalists

A while back I responded to a reader requesting that I look into any connections between a skier’s performance at World Juniors and subsequent medal winning. ┬áMy conclusions there tended toward the ambiguous, since 2-4 races (from World Juniors) just isn’t a whole lot of information. But we can also just take medalists and look […]

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Tour de France Wrap-Up

The final installment of the 2011 Tour de France graphs, and what a fun race that was this year! Plenty of excitement (for some not so fun reasons) early on and then plenty of exciting racing towards the end. Good stuff… As usual, you can click on them for slightly larger versions. Here’s the same […]

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WC Split Times: Biggest Losses

The obvious follow-up from the last entry in this series is to look at the folks who have the strongest tendency to fall further behind the leaders as the race progresses. Not surprisingly, this group will include a lot of the more marginal skiers from smaller skiing nations. I did filter out people for whom […]

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WC Split Times: Biggest Gains

Continuing with my series of posts looking at some split time data (kindly provided by Jan at, we turn to identifying some folks who tend to ski better (as measured by their % behind the leaders) towards the end of a race than the beginning. I actually fit a model on this one (gasp!) […]

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Tour de France Graphs

Rest day number two is upon us, so it’s time to update my graphs tracking the race thus far. First the standard ‘bump chart’ showing the GC picture through the first 15 stages: And for comparison, the same graphs for all the Tour back to 2005 (click for larger version):

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Tour de France Attrition Rates

Fellow blogger (and, full disclosure, good friend) Cosmo kind of stirred things up a bit with post regarding attrition rates in this year’s Tour. My cycling blogging has been mostly just for fun, as I’m not much of a cycling expert, so I mostly do it to entertain those folks who enjoy mixing sports, numbers […]

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