Tour de Ski Recap

I didn’t do nearly as much writing about the Tour as I would have liked, but here are some graphs summarizing the way things shook out.


Here’s a bird’s eye view of the men’s Tour, measured using seconds behind the median skier:

These sorts of bump charts are nice, as they can allow you to see at a glance some overall trends regarding how much movement there was in different stages. So clearly stages 4, 7 and 8 saw some of the biggest movement. Most of the movement in the final stage, a long grueling hill climb, happened at the back of the field, which sort of makes sense.

Here’s a look at how the Tour played out for the eventual top ten men:

Given my schedule lately, I was only really following the very front of the Tour, and the Canadians, so I missed the Martin Jaks story. That was an impressive comeback. Slightly less dramatic was Hellner’s steady climb up the ranking after Stage 5.


Similarly, here’s the general picture of the women’s Tour:

Two of these skiers are not like the others. Two of these skiers just aren’t the same. (And then there’s Johaug, stuck in no-woman’s land there.) At the very least there were two women off the front, rather than just one, which is just boring. Notice that Bjørgen and Kowalczyk basically put time on the field in every single stage. Stages 4 and 7 saw major shake-ups, and the final stage probably saw more movement than for the men.

Here’s how the Tour played out for the eventual top ten women:

Kikkan definitely faded the last two stages, but still, that was an impressive set of races for her. Note the steady gains made by Jacobsen, Zeller and Kristoffersen during the last half of the Tour.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with some analysis of how to assess performance in those tricky Tour pursuit (i.e. handicap start) stages, where you often get “weird” results.

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2 Responses to “Tour de Ski Recap”
  1. WorldofXC says:

    Great post, Joran! Really enjoy those. Hope you’ll have time to post those daily next year :) I wanted to make those “seconds back from median” or alternatively “seconds behind” plots, but could not find the data anywhere without having to parse PDF-files. Bonus seconds seem to only be hidden in PDF-files. Where did you find the data? Or do you parse the PDF-files? Or maybe you downloaded overall results every day and kept them?

    • Joran says:

      Parsing the PDFs definitely isn’t an option. Or at least, it’s an option, but one that leads to eventual madness. It actually doesn’t take too long to create a file with the bonus seconds awarded. You can automate the ones for the sprints, since they are fixed. And then most of the other stages just award bonus seconds to the top three. So then I’m just stuck typing the bonus seconds by hand for those two other stages, which isn’t too much work. Takes me like 5 minutes maybe.

      It does take a little fiddling to piece it all together with the stage times and the cumulative times. I realized this year that scraping just the overall results each day would actually be simpler, but I already had all this code to do it the other way. Next year I’ll probably switch.

      I’ll try to remember to shoot you an email later tonight with the raw data, so you can play with it yourself. I’ve wanted to make a dynamic version of the “seconds back” plot (javascript maybe?) that allows you to select a nation or group of skiers and have them highlighted. Sadly that project isn’t really compatible with the time demands of a one month old baby, at the moment.

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