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{ Monthly Archives } November 2012

Race Snapshot: Kuusamo Classic Sprint

The men: And the women:  

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Do the Canadian men struggle early in the season?

Listening to the FasterSkier podcast today, Topher and Nat discussed the notion that the Canadian men frequently seem to struggle early in the season. If we’re talking about how “the Canadian men” perform on the WC level, let’s focus on Kershaw, Harvey and Babikov, since they’ve been the “regulars” on the WC circuit for the […]

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Gällivare: Wrap-Up

Continuing on with some notes about the World Cup opener in Gällivare last weekend. It’s always the case in a season opener that much will be made of a handful of people who had unexpectedly good or bad races. Usually, this is an overreaction. But let’s play that game anyway and look at two skiers […]

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Gällivare: US Women

Not much to say, really, about the US women this past weekend. The relays aren’t really something I tackle from a data perspective, so I’ll just focus on the distance results form Saturday. It was a strong day, that sounds like it could have been stronger for the US women, absent some falls. I went […]

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Race Snapshot: Gällivare 10/15k Freestyle

Needless to say, a strong day for the US women. In general, this race was a bit unusual, in that the conditions appeared to be extremely fast, which resulted in a much, much tighter race than is typical in an interval start format on the World Cup.

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Encouraging Signs From Liz Stephen

One of the more exciting stories out of the early season FIS races in Muonio, Finland was the strong performances from Liz Stephen. Now, being a cautious, data centric guy, I also tend to be a bit of a downer. So I am loathe to predict much based on a single race, although there have […]

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Enter Johaug?

Lots of racing this weekend, obviously, but the Muonio results only appeared on the FIS website today, so they’ll wait for later in the week. I was intrigued, though, but Therese Johaug’s strong races in Norway. For many reasons, it will be difficult to accurately parse early season results this year. Many people are focused […]

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