Kikkan vs Marit In Sprints

Since Kikkan Randall locked up the Sprint World Cup title this weekend with a (narrow) win over Marit Bjoergen, I thought it might be instructive to review their head-to-head history in sprinting:



The dashed line is the trend for freestyle races and the solid is classic. Dots in the red are victories for Kikkan and vice versa. With them meeting in only one freestyle sprint thus far this season, there isn’t enough data to continue that trend line beyond last season (numerically, at least).

This doesn’t take anything away from Kikkan’s accomplishments, but think this makes it pretty clear that it would be interesting to go through a season where Marit actually really wanted to win the Sprint World Cup overall title, and put every sprint on her schedule.

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One Response to “Kikkan vs Marit In Sprints”
  1. Jake says:

    I’d be interested in this data for races in which Kikkan and Marit met head to head in a final. If my memory serves me, I don’t think there’s been a time before Saturday when Marit hasn’t come out on top in a head to head drag to the finish line. To me that was the big accomplishment of the weekend.

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