Revisiting Bjoergen vs Skari vs Vaelbe

Sorry for my recent absence. Never fear, I haven’t abandoned this project, but things may be a bit more sparse than usual over the summer. Feel free to drop me a line with question or ideas for posts, though, as that will be good motivation for me.

In that vein, a reader asked me to revisit a post I did quite a while ago comparing Bjoergen, Skari and Vaelbe. As before, we need to note that I really only have data on the later years of Vaelbe’s career. But here’s what I have (click for larger version):



The 2010-2011 season is looking more and more like a bit of an outlier for Bjoergen, but she’s still maintaining a somewhat better median performance than Vaelbe did later in her career. Skari is probably roughly on par with Bjoergen, though Bjoergen has had considerably fewer “bad” races of late.

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3 Responses to “Revisiting Bjoergen vs Skari vs Vaelbe”
  1. Paul Scheub says:

    I really feared you had abandoned the website!

  2. Paul Scheub says:

    Best regards from Berlin, btw.

  3. Rachel C says:

    I read the recent article on Fasterskier this morning about Joanne Reid, and the comment that she might have a chance at making the U.S. Olympic Team (and should wait to pursue a Ph.D. in math, which caught my eye). It seems to me that most of the women currently nominated to the USST will likely make them team, but it would be interesting to see how the last few seasons of some of the top domestic women who might also have a shot at making the team compare.

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