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{ Monthly Archives } September 2013

US Development – Men

Continuing on from earlier this week, we’ll look at some US men in the “development pipeline”, although I use that term pretty loosely. Basically I just mean some of the top US men who aren’t necessarily obviously going to be skiing WC full time or something. (Click for full versions.)   Miles Havlick and Erik […]

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US Development – Women

I’m going to run two quick posts looking in on some of the US’s top men and women in the development pipeline (all that really means is that I’ve mostly, but not completely, excluded some “obvious” US Ski Team members). We can check in on how these folks are doing by using my cohort plots, […]

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Pre-Olympic Performance

The Sochi Olympics are naturally going to be the focus this season, and all the attention during Olympics is on winning medals. So naturally, much of the conversation of the next six months or so is going revolve around “Who’s going to win a medal at Sochi?” Well, from one perspective, the answer is pretty […]

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