Sochi Sprint Qualifying Times

A friend mentioned to me in passing the fairly large gaps in the qualifying times for the Sochi freestyle spring between certain skiers, so I became a little curious.

The following graph shows the percent back in qualifying time for the Sochi sprint (red) for the top 30 qualifiers, along with the same data for all WC sprint races for the past several years:



The times for Sochi weren’t quite as unusual as I thought they might be. However, the men’s times after 12-13th or so are definitely further back than average. For the women, things look fairly consistent until around 20th or so, then the times drop off pretty rapidly.

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One Response to “Sochi Sprint Qualifying Times”
  1. Mountainmums says:

    The drop in the tail of the % back could be a consequence of the 4 starts/country Olympic rule. The field is less deep, which wouldn’t change much for the very fastest who remain the same but then open up things for people who usually are further down the list.

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