New Toys

I’ve been having fun with some new toys lately, which has resulted in my building two, well, dashboards I guess. One is for single athletes the other is for nations.

I’m on a free hosting plan that allows for 25 usage hours per month. If they go over that they will just shut down until the month is over and my monthly allotment resets. So if they stop working, that might be why. I doubt they’ll see that much traffic though.

I’m planning on doing at least 1-2 more in the next week or two…

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  1. Marty Hall says:

    Ladies 10km FR – WSC in Falun, Sweden – Very interesting race and outcomes to say the least at this race – temperature 32 degrees, light snow with accumulation during the race and deteriorating conditions would be the words of most observers. Definitely some big surprises, but also some confusing surprises in the results. The big winners and losers on a day like this are the ski and waxing technicians. Many years after modern-day synthetic skis had been on the scene, Gerhard Thaller, Fischer’s “racer chaser”, told me that the ski (flex and camber) accounted for 95% of its speed and the other 5 % was the wax, base and grind. This was clearly displayed during this race.

    The Norwegian Team as a group when you consider all these components and their results totally missed the skis and the Americans totally nailed it – four ladies in the top 15.

    The Norwegians essentially were seeded late and the Americans early – but Diggins and Stephen had bibs #37 and #53 and were 2nd and 10th – so there goes that excuse and confirms that the overall performance of the skis was critical.

    Chalk one big one up for the US technicians – way to go guys!!
    Watch the full race but note that it starts at the 50-minute mark here.

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