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Can Kikkan Randall Win The Sprint WC Title?

With the slew of high profile retirements among female sprinters this year, American skiing fans have been quick to note that the two women ahead of Randall on the overall sprint WC podium this season won’t be returning next year. Clearly, this is an opportunity, but how significant an opportunity is it? Overall WC point […]

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Head-To-Head: Petter Northug vs. Marcus Hellner

Apparently this is our modern rivalry on the men’s side of things.  I suppose the Norwegians and Swedes will always find something to torment each other over, so this one is as good as any.  Obviously, this story has many chapters left to be written, but let’s take a look at how things have progressed […]

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Did Petter Northug Have a Slight Edge On Marcus Hellner?

That’s what Marcus Hellner says, according to FasterSkier.  Let’s go to the numbers, shall we? These are all the times these two guys raced against each other last season (distance races, anyway).  Positive values indicate a victory for Hellner and vice versa.  You can see Northug’s strength in mass start races, and that Northug had […]

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Head-to-Head: Marit vs Justyna

This is the head to head matchup that was runner up in my recent reader poll.  No reason not to keep everyone happy by tackling this pair next! Per usual, what I’m doing is taking races where Marit Bjoergen and Justyna Kowalczyk have both participated and plotting the difference of their FIS points (distance races) […]

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Bjoern Daehlie vs Thomas Alsgaard

The poll on the right is now closed.  Marit vs Justyna was in the running for a while, but Daehlie vs Alsgaard eventually pulled away for a clear win. Don’t worry if the matchup you voted for didn’t win this time around, we’ll have another round of voting most likely in a few days. The head-to-head […]

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Ranking athletes based on FIS points, or some other measure, is relatively easy.  Sometimes rankings are fun, because they give sports nuts something to argue about.  Sometimes, however, things devolve into annoying arguments about the specific measure you’re using to rank the athletes with. Any such measure has flaws, and FIS points are no different. […]

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Daehlie vs. Smirnov

Bjoern Daehlie (NOR) is generally considered one of the greatest male skiers in history (or even the greatest).  He raced during much of the 90’s until his career was cut short by a rollerskiing accident in which he injured his back.  One of his biggest competitors during this time was Vladimir Smirnov (SOV, KAZ).  Which […]

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