Tour de France – Stage 20

The final version of the 2012 Tour graph by team:

Tour de France – Stage 20

The final versions of the Tour de France graphs, first up the comparison to previous years:


Tour de France: Stage 16

Heading into the final weekend of the Tour, here’s how the teams compare:

I’ll try to do some wrap up posts with some different looks at the data next week once the Tour is over.

Tour de France: Stage 15

Another conveniently placed rest day for another Tour update. Since this is a Tuesday, we’re comparing this year’s Tour to previous years, through stage 15:

Tour de France: Stage 10

It’s Thursday, so that means this graph is broken down by team, just for the 2012 Tour:

Tour de France: Stage 9

Another Tour update, conveniently coinciding with a rest day:

Tour de France – Stage 4

This time we’ll look at the Tour results so far by team (click for larger version):

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