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How’d We Do? USA/CAN Season Review 2

Continuing on from last time, now we move on to the women’s distance events. We’ll start out the same way, with a basic graph showing the number of results per race for various levels of performance: The Canadian women built up steadily under the Beckie Scott/Sara Renner days, but haven’t quite found any replacement for […]

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How’d We Do? USA/CAN Season Review 1

I think most people generally have a sense for how the past World Cup season went for the North Americans. What I’m going to do over the next few posts is to simply show some data that hopefully provides some context for what you already know. I’m going to split them into four posts for […]

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WBC North American Assessment

So how did the North Americans do at World Biathlon Championships this year? There definitely some strong results, but here’s some context: These are the Canadian and American biathlon performances at WBCs and OWGs measured by standardized percent behind the median skier. The blue line tracks the median over time. The Canadian men had some […]

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Lahti Pursuit Recap: North Americans

A common refrain by now, but it was a mixed weekend for the North Americans. In an unusual twist, the distance race may have held better results than the sprint. Here are the men from the pursuit: Babikov had a pretty strong race, but everyone else had days that were mediocre or just not great. […]

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North American WSC Assessment

Nothing in depth here, just a quick look at how the US and Canadian results at these past World Champs compare to past major championships (OWG and WSC). First is a look at the distance results, using standardized percent back from the median skier, and the blue line representing the median performance over time: For […]

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WSC Men’s 15km Classic: North Americans

Once again nothing spectacular from the North Americans, but nothing truly horrible either. Here are the Americans: That’s a pretty average race for Freeman. His best efforts this season have been just above -2, which would likely have just put him in the top ten today, and I mean that literally: he would have been […]

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WSC Pursuit Recap: North Americans

Ok, now we can talk about how the North Americans fared this weekend. Once again with the very large graphs, starting with the women: Not a ton of racing experience at this level in this group, obviously. It’s tempting to focus on the fact that Stephen, Brooks and Diggins were all in the top thirty, […]

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