Canadians in the Giro d’Italia

On final note about the Giro. It’s only three years worth, but I thought it might be interesting to take a look at how Canadians have fared in the Giro (again, only since 2010):

Giro d’Italia: Final

One last set of graphs for this year’s Giro, first comparing it to the previous two years:

And another comparing each team from this year’s Giro: Read more

Giro d’Italia: After Stage 18

Here’s the state of things, team-by-team after yesterday’s Stage 18:

One thing to note (that you can’t quite see in this graph) is that this year’s course has caused slightly more of a spread in the field than the previous two.

Giro d’Italia: After Stage 16

Another overall comparison of the GC standings to the previous two years:

Giro d’Italia: After Stage 15

Back to the team by team view, after Stage 15 (yesterday):

Compare Movistar with Orica GreenEdge. Also, note the damage that yesterday’s stage did to several team’s top riders, e.g. Rabobank, Omega Pharma, BMC, RadioShack.

Giro d’Italia: After Stage 12

Another update on the overl GC standings:

Things are clearly more tightly packed at the front this year, certainly compared to 2010. That said, the folks at the back are losing time at a faster rate than last year, it seems.

Giro d’Italia: After Stage 10

A slightly different look at things this time, broken down by team, through Stage 10 (yesterday). This one’s a little big, so you can click on it for the full version.

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