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How’d We Do? USA/CAN Season Review 4

Last, but not least,  the women’s sprinters, which was easily the highlight of the season for the Americans: The Canadian women recovered somewhat after two rough seasons. While they didn’t have the eye-catching results of Kikkan Randall, the Canadian women have three different skiers (Crawford, Gaiazova, Jones) who qualified for the heats more than once, […]

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How’d We Do? USA/CAN Season Review 2

Continuing on from last time, now we move on to the women’s distance events. We’ll start out the same way, with a basic graph showing the number of results per race for various levels of performance: The Canadian women built up steadily under the Beckie Scott/Sara Renner days, but haven’t quite found any replacement for […]

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Drammen Sprint Recap

I’ve got the sprint heat times in hand again, thanks to Jan at, so let’s look at how things played out. Starting with the men: I’ve omitted a handful of times from this graph that were unusually slow, which typically happens due to a crash, broken pole or some other mishap. As usual with […]

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Race Snapshot: Drammen Freestyle Sprint

I’d say someone has this freestyle sprinting thing dialed in pretty well, wouldn’t you? And what a race from Alex Harvey, much better sprint race for him. I have the heat times again, so an analysis of those will be in the works for tomorrow…

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Liberec Sprint Recap

Once again many thanks to Jan at for providing the sprint split data. Clearly we need to begin with the women this week: For some reason the qualification round times seem a fair bit slower than many of the times from the rest of the day. I’ve noticed that the women’s heats do tend […]

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Race Snapshot: Liberec Freestyle Sprint

What can you say, except that today is a very good day?

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Tour de Ski Freestyle Sprint Recap

It was a banner day for North America, to be sure.  Let’s take a look at how the heats played out, starting with the semifinalists: I’ve removed Roger Aa Djupvik from the men’s plot, as he ran into a spot of difficulty in the quarters and packed it in for a very slow time.  It’ll […]

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