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Prediction Game: Results!

Back on Monday I posted the graph shown below and posed a question: It turns out I didn’t ask my question very clearly, because I had to keep updating the post with clarifications.  So that’s my fault.  Maybe this time I’ll do better.  What I did was plot a part of the time series of […]

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Head-to-Head: Marit vs Justyna

This is the head to head matchup that was runner up in my recent reader poll.  No reason not to keep everyone happy by tackling this pair next! Per usual, what I’m doing is taking races where Marit Bjoergen and Justyna Kowalczyk have both participated and plotting the difference of their FIS points (distance races) […]

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Victims & Nemeses: Marit and Justyna Edition

Earlier this week I described the notion of victims and nemeses, and showed you who Petter Northug’s were for the 2009-2010 season.  You can check back at that link for a description of victims/nemeses.  The basic idea is to count up the number of times you beat someone by a narrow margin (they become a […]

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