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Race Snapshot: TdS Freestyle Sprint

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Race Snapshot: Tour de Ski 3/5km Classic

It’s not a prologue. A midlogue?

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Tour de Ski Rest Day Review

There’s just too much racing going on during the first half of January to comment on it all. But the first rest day of the Tour de Ski certainly deserves some notes. So here’s a look at the current leaders of the Tour, compared to how they’ve fared in previous years, starting with the men: […]

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Race Snapshots: Tour de Ski 10/20k Pursuit

As with the other pursuit, these Tour formats produce some unusual results patterns that aren’t really comparable to other races.

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Race Snapshot: Tour de Ski Classic Sprint

Sounded like a messy, crash filled sprint today. Exciting stuff!

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Race Snapshot: Tour de Ski Pursuit

I sort of hesitate to post these, since as I expected this race format produces performance measures that are extreme outliers pretty much no matter what you do. Regular duathlon pursuits you can correct for somewhat, but these stage race two day affairs just always produce wacky looking results.

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Race Snapshots: TdS Prologue

Count me among the folks who aren’t sold on the idea of prologues.

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