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Tour de France Bump Chart: Stage 16

Another couple stages in the books, time for an update of the bumps charts.  Contador’s still in yellow, Hushovd is back in green and Chartreau is still in polka-dots:

Hopefully the gray lines are easier on your eyes.  As for Cosmo’s question about downhill finishes having more GC impact than the mountaintops, I’m not sure.  Which stages are officially considered mountaintop finishes?  A quick look suggests to me that Stages 14, 12, 8 and maybe 7 seem like the only candidates to me, but I’m not an expert in these things.  Then you’d have to decide what you mean by “GC impact”: impact at the top of the GC standings?  Overall?

Finally, you’d have to decide whether looking at ranks is really the right way to go.  You’re much more likely to see big differences on mountaintop finishes if you plot time back on the y-axis than rank (which I can do…).

A note about results data accuracy. tells me that Bran Tankink didn’t start today, but they still list him as having some sprint points.  In the past, they’ve simply omitted riders who’ve dropped from the points and mountain classification in subsequent stages.  Perhaps they’ll update their results at some point and change this, but I was wondering what the rules are.  Do riders “keep” their points if they drop?  Are they reassigned to other riders retroactively?  Or do they, like the rider, just disappear?

As always, this is a good reminder that I’m perpetually reliant on others (to some degree) for the accuracy of my data.  Caveat emptor.

After my glorious successes yesterday getting some basic scatterplot animations going (Firefox doesn’t do animation with SVG, you’ll have to use Safari, Chrome or Opera), I thought I’d follow that up with something a little simpler. This shows riders who’ve dropped or been disqualified so far and their progress up until they packed it in. You should be able to mouse over the red dots to see who’s who. And unlike the animation, this appears to work in Firefox.


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