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I am a skier and statistician.

I raced for much of my youth, from the Bill Koch League through the Dartmouth College Ski Team.  I was, at times, not entirely slow.  Nowadays I live in the Pacific Northwest Montana.  At the moment, I’m primarily a recreational road biker and a beginning ultrarunner.

I have degrees in Mathematics (BA, Dartmouth College), Algebra (MA, Univeristy of Montana-Missoula) and Applied Statistics (PhD, University of Montana-Missoula).  Graduate school taught me many things, among them that I hate academia and that I love wrangling data.  Given the choice between wrangling awesome data and making tons of money, I’ll choose the former.  Hence this website.

That said, if you like what you see here and have some data that you’d like some assistance making sense of, I’d be more than willing to discuss doing some statistical consulting for you.

You can contact me at the following address: