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Race Snapshot: WBC Mass Start

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World Biathlon Champs: USA/CAN Histories

Since I’ve been neglecting biathlon a bit lately, I figured I owed everyone a biathlon post, particularly given the shocking 5th place finish the other day by Susan Dunklee. So here is some historical data on how the US and Canada have performed at WBCs over the years. First, measured by finishing place: The blue […]

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Race Snapshot: WBC Women’s 15km

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Race Snapshot: Men’s 20km Individual

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Race Snapshot: WBC Pursuit

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Race Snapshot: WBC Sprint

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WBC North American Assessment

So how did the North Americans do at World Biathlon Championships this year? There definitely some strong results, but here’s some context: These are the Canadian and American biathlon performances at WBCs and OWGs measured by standardized percent behind the median skier. The blue line tracks the median over time. The Canadian men had some […]

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