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World Biathlon Champs: USA/CAN Histories

Since I’ve been neglecting biathlon a bit lately, I figured I owed everyone a biathlon post, particularly given the shocking 5th place finish the other day by Susan Dunklee.

So here is some historical data on how the US and Canada have performed at WBCs over the years. First, measured by finishing place:

The blue line tracks the median, so it’s sort of a measure of overall team performance. Also interesting is to look at how the best and worst results have trended over the years. For instance, for the US women, you see their median remaining mostly flat overall, with some modest improvements lately. But their best result generally got worse through the late 90’s, and then has improved dramatically (with some notable exceptions in the middle there).

To go along with that, we have a historical look at overall, team shooting performance at WBCs over the years:

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