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Is Kikkan the Gold Medal Favorite?

One topic that’s going to come up over and over again over the next 10 months or so is to what degree Kikkan Randall may be the gold medal “favorite” for the freestyle sprint in Sochi. If you look over the past several seasons, the first thing you have to note is that two of […]

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Oslo Seeds & Kikkan/Marit Update

First some quick seeds calculated for Oslo’s freestyle mass start races: [table id=87 /] Finally, a commenter on my last post asked about how often Kikkan and Marit had actually met in a sprint final. The answer is that it has happened (in major events) nine times, and Kikkan has won 3 of them, include […]

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Kikkan vs Marit In Sprints

Since Kikkan Randall locked up the Sprint World Cup title this weekend with a (narrow) win over Marit Bjoergen, I thought it might be instructive to review their head-to-head history in sprinting:   The dashed line is the trend for freestyle races and the solid is classic. Dots in the red are victories for Kikkan […]

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World Cup Winning Streaks

I noted in a Tweet that Marit Bjoergen is the only skier since 1992 to win each of the four opening World Cup events (sprint and distance) in a row. But if you relax that condition to allow for streaks occurring at any point in the season (and include Olympic and World Championship events), Bjoergen […]

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An update on the Marit vs Justyna rivalry

You’ll recall that recently this rivalry has been fairly one sided, no matter how much Justyna’s fans want to believe otherwise. The previous two season simply saw Marit winning far more of their head to head match-ups. At the start of the season, things looked even worse for the Justyna camp, as she struggled quite […]

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Odds + Ends From Kuusamo

Annsi Pentsinen Doogiski over at NordicXplained asked how Pentsinen’s 4.3 second win in qualification on Friday stacks up historically. Quite impressively, it turns out. That’s the second largest qualifying round winning margin for the men’s field in WC, OWG or WSC races. The only larger one was almost 10 years ago, with a 4.7 second […]

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Can Bjørgen Repeat Her Dominant Performance?

Marit Bjørgen pretty much wiped the floor with folks last year in distance events: As a stats guy, when I see extreme events I tend not to expect them to repeat themselves. The general principle here is called regression to the mean. Extreme events are just unlikely, so it doesn’t make sense to expect them […]

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