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Most Unimproved: Men’s Distance

This is the group of men who had some of the biggest slides backwards this season, although as we’ll see it is sort of an odd collection.


Unlike both of the previous most improved posts, this group of skiers seems to include some people who shouldn’t be here. Part of that is that I’m using a blend of 3-4 different measures to rank people, but I can only effectively graph one of those. So for example, Dario Cologna didn’t really have a huge slide backward this year, but on some measures he wasn’t quite as brilliant as last year. A similar story applies to both Glavatskikh and Turyshev.

However, most of the rest of the group probably deserves to be here. The Canadian men Harvey and Kershaw obviously both had pretty rough seasons, particularly in comparison to last year. Sami Jauhojaervi appears to have been gradually sliding back for several seasons. The small number of races this year makes me think he may have had injury/illness issues. I wonder the same thing about Niklas Dyrhaug, who is relatively young and had a very strong season last year, but didn’t race nearly as well this season.

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