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Most Unimproved: Women’s Distance

Last of the distance events, this time the women who stumbled the most this season compared to last:   As always, I’m graphing only one of the several metrics that are blended together to select these skiers. In particular, note that Anna Haag doesn’t look like she belongs on this list. However, several of her […]

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Most Unimproved: Men’s Distance

This is the group of men who had some of the biggest slides backwards this season, although as we’ll see it is sort of an odd collection. Unlike both of the previous most improved posts, this group of skiers seems to include some people who shouldn’t be here. Part of that is that I’m using […]

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Most Unimproved: Women’s Sprinters

Last in the series of most improved/unimproved we finally turn to the women’s sprinters: Alena Prochazkova took a major tumble this season in sprints. She had been a fairly reliable presence in the semifinals until this season, when she appeared to often have trouble qualifying. Celine Brun-Lie also saw a major drop-off, but the much […]

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Most Unimproved: Men’s Sprint

Almost done with the series now, just the sprinters who struggled the most this season, starting with the men: This list is notable for a few reasons, first because of the large number of big names on it. Usually there are at least of few people my metrics pick out that I don’t really know, […]

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Most Un-Improved: Women’s Distance

Last in the sequence of related posts covering distance events, the most un-improved women from this season: As always, you can click through for a slightly larger version. The Slovakian Prochazkova takes the cake here with what looks like a small set of somewhat mediocre results after two fairly strong seasons. The small number of […]

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Most Un-Improved: Men’s Distance

These are definitely less pleasant posts to write, but part of any season assessment should include what went wrong as well as what went right. Once again, you can refer to my initial post in this series for an explanation of the general methodology. That said, here’s the twelve men who took the biggest slide […]

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Are My Lists Of Improved Skiers Correlated With Age?

A commenter asked if there was a connection between my lists of improved and un-improved skiers and age. Easy enough to check, so let’s go to the tape. Here are the distance skiers: The y-axis (Improvement Index) has no units, so don’t try to interpret it. It’s just the mash-up of several ways of measuring […]

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