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Most Un-Improved: Sprint 2011

The final installment in the most improved/un-improved series. This time it’s the sprinters who saw the biggest drop-off in performance this season over last. Again, you can consult the first in the series for a detail description of my methodology. Basically, though, the following aspects are included: A skier’s median result The average of the […]

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Most Un-Improved: Distance 2011

Last time we looked at some skiers who made some big jumps on the WC circuit this past season, so now it’s time to look at some folks who saw big slides in the other direction. Since there are many different ways to measure performance, I’m using a combination several metrics. The methodology is the […]

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Most Unimproved: Women’s Sprint

So far, applying my alternative sprint points measure to look at skiers with major improvements or declines between seasons has worked OK, but when we turn to female sprinters who saw a major decline things get dicey.

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Most Unimproved: Men’s Sprint

The degree to which Distributed Sprint Points sensibly pick out skiers who had large drop offs or improvements between the ’08-’09 and ’09-’10 seasons appears to be mixed.  But for the sake of symmetry, let’s look at the unhappy end of these trends. The table below shows the male skiers with the biggest drop offs […]

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Most Unimproved Women: Distance

Now for the women who had rough seasons in 09-10.  Once again,  a quick reminder, we’re looking at changes in the average FIS points of a skier’s best five (distance) races between just these two seasons. Below is the top ten table: [table id=11] Our winner, French skier Coraline Hugue had some promising seasons in […]

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