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Most Un-Improved: Distance 2011

Last time we looked at some skiers who made some big jumps on the WC circuit this past season, so now it’s time to look at some folks who saw big slides in the other direction. Since there are many different ways to measure performance, I’m using a combination several metrics. The methodology is the […]

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Introducing: Biathlete Rankings

Since the athlete rankings I calculated for cross country skiers seem to be fairly popular, I thought I’d push up the schedule on releasing the biathlon versions. The general methodology is the same as what I outlined here.  Biathlon doesn’t have sprint races, so there’s just one category of rankings, instead of splitting things up […]

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More Ranking Graphs…

Can I just say that if Google Analytics is hopelessly addictive for normal people, then for data-loving people like me it’s quite possibly the most addictive substance ever.  One thing I’ve learned with the small amount of traffic I’ve had so far is that people seem to like the athlete rankings.  At least, more than […]


A Few More Seasons…

Added a few more seasons of athlete rankings, showing variability estimates.  Use the drop down menus in the Athlete Rankings tab to find them and check here for an explanation of how I made them.


Athlete Rankings: What’s In Your Bucket?

You might have noticed the Athlete Rankings tab at the top of the page.  If you click on that tab, rather than navigating through the mouse over menus you’ll see a brief description of what they are, but I thought I’d put a quick note on them here. First I need to explain why the […]