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Is Kikkan the Gold Medal Favorite?

One topic that’s going to come up over and over again over the next 10 months or so is to what degree Kikkan Randall may be the gold medal “favorite” for the freestyle sprint in Sochi. If you look over the past several seasons, the first thing you have to note is that two of […]

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Oslo Seeds & Kikkan/Marit Update

First some quick seeds calculated for Oslo’s freestyle mass start races: [table id=87 /] Finally, a commenter on my last post asked about how often Kikkan and Marit had actually met in a sprint final. The answer is that it has happened (in major events) nine times, and Kikkan has won 3 of them, include […]

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Kikkan vs Marit In Sprints

Since Kikkan Randall locked up the Sprint World Cup title this weekend with a (narrow) win over Marit Bjoergen, I thought it might be instructive to review their head-to-head history in sprinting:   The dashed line is the trend for freestyle races and the solid is classic. Dots in the red are victories for Kikkan […]

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Randall’s Training Deficit

It’s remarked on in a few places that we might finally be seeing the effects of Kikkan Randall’s injury struggles over the summer. Another skier who had some strong early races and then has struggled as times during the season is Holly Brooks, so let’s look at their actual (WC, TDS and WSC) results from […]

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Some More North American Sprinting Trends

A commenter on my last post correctly pointed out that it might be interesting to look at performance using a percent back based measure on the qualifying times, since the number of racers present can greatly effect finishing place. I didn’t quite have time to pull together the standardization piece that I typically use with […]

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How long will Freeman and Randall remain on top?

Kris Freeman and Kikkan Randall have been basically the top US skiers for quite some time now. (I’m sort of brushing Andrew Newell under the rug here, mostly just due to time contraints. I’ll do a follow up on him next week.) Freeman has been more or less unquestionably the best US male distance skier […]

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How Did Kikkan Randall’s 2012 Sprint Season Compare?

Kikkan Randall, the reigning women’s World Cup sprint champion, obviously had a pretty darn good season last year. How does it stack up against some of the best sprint seasons put together since 2005-2006? The first thing that stood out to me is that if you rank the best women’s sprint seasons, Randall participated in […]

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