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Andrew Newell’s Best Season?

Most of the thunder from the US Ski Team these days comes from the women’s side, but I thought it worth pointing out that Andrew Newell is quietly on track for one of his best sprinting seasons ever: Granted, the season is only about half over, and I really, really don’t want to jinx him, […]

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Some More North American Sprinting Trends

A commenter on my last post correctly pointed out that it might be interesting to look at performance using a percent back based measure on the qualifying times, since the number of racers present can greatly effect finishing place. I didn’t quite have time to pull together the standardization piece that I typically use with […]

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USST 2011-2012 Preview

Another season is just around the corner! While the USST saw some changes over the off season, the folks we are most likely to see top results from are still the Big Three: Kikkan Randall, Andy Newell and Kris Freeman. My expectations and questions for Freeman are summed up in this graph: This shows his […]

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How’d We Do? USA/CAN Season Review 3

This week it’s the sprinter’s turn in the limelight, starting with the men. As you might imagine, there are quite a few more cheery topics when talking about North American sprinters. As before we’ll begin with a simple plot showing the number of results per race over time: The American men have seen a steady […]

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Andrew Newell Sprint Qualification Redux

So there was this post a while back where I looked at the oft repeated CW that Andrew Newell tends to qualify rather fast and then slip back a bit in the heats.  My goal was just to see whether and to what degree this actually happens.  It turns out that my attempt to tackle […]

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Tour de Ski: Leaders & North Americans

Once again, not much commentary here, just some graphs showing some notable individuals progress through the tour.  I haven’t highlighted all the leaders, per se, just some of the top people and some other interesting ones. No one’s likely to touch Kowalczyk for the overall, although there’s a lot of racing left to be done. […]

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TdS Classic Sprint: North Americans

Just a few short notes focusing on the North Americans in the classic sprint yesterday.  First the men: One thing that stands out to me is that Harvey was actually skiing slightly faster than Kershaw all day.  Of course, the differences are very small (~1 second), but it highlights how large an impact the make-up […]

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