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WJC Qualification Follow-Up

In a post last week I talked about how I felt that a single early season result wasn’t necessarily a great predictor of how someone will tend to ski (on average) during the rest of the season. I feel like most people would accept that this is, in principle, generally true. Just because you pop […]

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How Useful Is A Single Good Result?

Following up from last time, we’re still discussing the recent USSA rule changes for qualifying for WJC/U23s. Now, it’s not like USSA has a ton of options here, but I would like to point out a few difficulties with pre-qualifying an athlete using only a single result. Being a stats guy, I always think about […]

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New FIS Point Criteria for WJC Qualification

As often happens, FasterSkier gifted me with a handy topic for a few posts to kill time with over the summer by publishing a summary of USSA’s new criteria for automatic qualification for WJCs/U23s. For WJCs, the FIS point cutoff has been lowered to 50 for both men and women (it used to be higher […]

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Lies, Damn Lies, and…Torin Koos?

Ok, so I lied in the title. This post has almost nothing to do with Torin Koos. The whole reason I started this blog (or, at least, one of them) was that it seemed to me that folks in the XC skiing world had all sorts of weird beliefs about their sport that ought to […]

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Sprint Qualification Pacing Analysis

I’ll be the first to admit that sprinting doesn’t get as much love here at Statistical Skier.  To be honest, that’s probably my subconscious at work, as I have a stronger connection to distance events I suppose.  But it’s not terribly fair, so here is some World Cup sprint qualification analysis for all you sprint […]

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Battle Of The Sexes

A strange discussion has suddenly broken out over at FasterSkier in response to some comments that Marit Björgen made about how she’d like be able to race the 50km distance just like the men do. A reader  sent me a note asking if I’d specifically address this statement from the comments: Looking at the times […]

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Andrew Newell Sprint Qualification Redux

So there was this post a while back where I looked at the oft repeated CW that Andrew Newell tends to qualify rather fast and then slip back a bit in the heats.  My goal was just to see whether and to what degree this actually happens.  It turns out that my attempt to tackle […]

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