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Battle Of The Sexes

A strange discussion has suddenly broken out over at FasterSkier in response to some comments that Marit Björgen made about how she’d like be able to race the 50km distance just like the men do. A reader  sent me a note asking if I’d specifically address this statement from the comments: Looking at the times […]

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Week In Review: Sat Oct 16th

Clearly, I was a bit distracted yesterday, so the week in review is a bit delayed. My little guessing game this week was a bit too hard, I think.  The answers are posted here. We looked at trends over time in variability by athlete, comparing cross-country to biathlon, at the request of a commenter. Finally, […]

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FIS Scheduling Follies

I see on FasterSkier the news that there is already some angst regarding the FIS World Cup race calendar for next season. I have two things say on this topic that takes the form of two graphs…

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