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The Unusual Sprinting Success Of People With ‘LL’ In Their Name

Ask, and ye shall receive. Christopher Tassava noted at the link above that the top four female sprinters on Sunday all had a double-L in their names. Coincidence? A mere statistical anomaly? Or should American and Canadian parents start naming their children Allan, Allison or Ellen? I’m being kind of silly here, of course, but […]

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Let’s Count To Five, Shall We?

I’m a stats guy.  I love numbers and data and graphs.  I will happily admit that this tends to make me, shall we say, particular about all things quantitative.  Some people may call it being anal; I prefer to think of it as being correct. Which is why I need to take a moment to […]

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How Many WC Victories Does Björgen Really Have?

How embarrassing is it for our sport that no one seems to be able to reliably count the number of World Cup victories of our best athletes? Here’s the deal.  Marit Björgen has attracted some attention lately for the number of total WC victories to her name, which is generally thought to be at least […]

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FIS Scheduling Follies

I see on FasterSkier the news that there is already some angst regarding the FIS World Cup race calendar for next season. I have two things say on this topic that takes the form of two graphs…

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