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More strong early season performances from some Americans in Norway this weekend. How strong? Let’s take a look. First up is Sadie Bjornsen who had a very strong 5th in the 10k classic.     Values above zero are good. The grey shaded region and red trend line represent how she has performed against these […]

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Rybinsk: Does Anyone Care?

I don’t mean any disrespect by the title, there, it’s just that the Rybinsk World Cups haven’t been very well attended. I was told by a friend recently that the Canadians included as part of their WSC selection criteria the standard of “finishing in the top 20 and the top half of a World Cup […]

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How Many WC Victories Does Björgen Really Have?

How embarrassing is it for our sport that no one seems to be able to reliably count the number of World Cup victories of our best athletes? Here’s the deal.  Marit Björgen has attracted some attention lately for the number of total WC victories to her name, which is generally thought to be at least […]

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How To Win The SkiTrax FIS Fantasy World Cup Contest

SkiTrax and FIS are holding a fantasy World Cup contest, roughly modeled after the very popular fantasy baseball or fantasy football competitions that we all know and love.  Basically, you pick four men and four women (plus a “bonus” man and woman, from outside the top 15 rankings from last year), and then your “team” […]

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Doping: Nikolai Pankratov Edition

So the big news in XC over the last few days has obviously been Russian skier Nikolai Pankratov being caught with some, shall we say, suspicious materials.  The first thing I do when I hear things like this are of course to look up his results like the last time…

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Fragmented FIS Race Scheduling And What It Means For The Sport

Just recently the guys at FasterSkier and the Nordic Commentary Project got together for a podcast, where they discussed a range of topics in international ski racing.  One topic that they touched upon was the fact that cross country skiing has an ever increasing number of race formats. I listened with interest to that section, […]

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