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More strong early season performances from some Americans in Norway this weekend. How strong? Let’s take a look.

First up is Sadie Bjornsen who had a very strong 5th in the 10k classic.




Values above zero are good. The grey shaded region and red trend line represent how she has performed against these specific skiers in the past. She had already made a big jump last season, and this race was very strong even compared to that. Next up Noah Hoffman:


This is the better of his two races, the 15k freestyle. This result was considerably better than he normally does against this crowd compared to last season. His classic race (graph omitted) was somewhat worse that usual, but not dramatically so. Lastly, Liz Stephen had a strong result in the 10k freestyle:



She’s been on an upward trend for several seasons now, and this would suggest that might continue.

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