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Manuela Di Centa

A curious report surfaced a while back that included some doping allegations around Juha Mieto and Manuela Di Centa. I can’t say that I’d ever heard any rumors about either skier in the past. As with every other post I’ve done on a skier accused of doping, this look at their results data isn’t meant […]

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Missed Medals

Missed Medals A reader asked on Twitter the other day if I’d recalculate the tallies for Kris Freeman’s top ten, top three, etc. results if we went back and removed a certain Estonian skier from prior results sheets. I’m going to preface this with some standard caveats about how I can’t know for sure when […]

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The Veerpalu Saga Ends (For Now)

With the recent news that Andrus Veerpalu’s doping suspension has been made official, a sad story sort of ends. I’m always glad to see doping rules enforced, but it’s also not the way I want to hear about my favorite sport in the news. Over the years, Veerpalu has raced against many people: Name Number […]

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Looking Back At The Finnish Men

The death this week of Mika Myllylä has got me thinking about the Finnish men of that era generally, which led to this graph: I’ve graphed FIS points here to include results at all levels. I’d forgotten about Isometsä’s attempts at a comeback after his suspension, which as you can see didn’t go all that […]

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Week In Review: Friday Apr 8th

Gee, I wonder what the big news in XC skiing this week could be? It sounds from the translated reports from Norway and Estonia that I’ve read that Andrus Veerpalu tested positive (both A and B samples) for human growth hormone, but is denying any wrongdoing. Naturally, this means I started the week off with: […]

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Revisiting The Mysteries Of Andrus Veerpalu

With somewhat cryptic reports appearing that Andrus Veerpalu failed a drug test back in January (he retired just before World Championships this year), it’s probably a good idea to revisit my old post on the subject. In that post I considered the conventional wisdom about Veerpalu that he had an uncanny ability to pop outstanding […]

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Doping: Nikolai Pankratov Edition

So the big news in XC over the last few days has obviously been Russian skier Nikolai Pankratov being caught with some, shall we say, suspicious materials.  The first thing I do when I hear things like this are of course to look up his results like the last time…

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