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Week In Review: Friday Apr 22nd

I took a break today from the retiring skier posts, but they will resume next Friday… The first two parts of a brief season review for the North American skiers this week, focusing on the men’s and women’s distance skiers. I did a little exploration of how we might put together some data on (very […]


Week In Review: Friday Apr 15th

What a taxing week I’ve had… Ha ha. Very funny. (It’s tax day in the US, for you foreign readers.) Thanks once again to Skaði Nordic for sponsoring this week in review: A two part series examining the question of ‘home snow advantage’. The short answer is that while overall there is generally no (statistically) […]


Week In Review: Friday Apr 8th

Gee, I wonder what the big news in XC skiing this week could be? It sounds from the translated reports from Norway and Estonia that I’ve read that Andrus Veerpalu tested positive (both A and B samples) for human growth hormone, but is denying any wrongdoing. Naturally, this means I started the week off with: […]

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Week In Review: Friday August 27th

It’s been a light week at Statistical Skier; had to move the Statistical Residence to a new (much improved) locale closer to work, so things have been a bit hectic. We mucked around with the speeds that skiers travel at, looking at differences between races in Europe and the US. A short not on rivalries, […]


Week In Review: Friday August 13th

Cue the creepy music, it’s Friday the 13th! We finally wrapped up the most improved/unimproved series from the 2009-2010 season, looking at the most unimproved female sprinters. We had another installment of Victims & Nemeses, this time focusing on Swedish stars Marcus Hellner and Charlotte Kalla. Next, we looked at age vs. FIS point plots […]


Week In Review: Friday August 6th

My Summer of Weddings continues this weekend, with some travel and a race to follow.  Fun times!  Here’s what we’ve acomplished at Statistical Skier this week: Putting Distributed Sprint Points to good use we looked at the most unimproved male sprinters from last season. Following a suggestion from a reader, I looked at whether there […]


Week In Review: Friday July 30th

What’s have you missed this week?  Read on and I’ll tell you… We wrapped up some of the Tour de France graphs, even the fancy animated ones. I demonstrated that there’s nothing special about the Tour de France, graphically anyway. I’ve started putting my crazy contraption, Distributed Sprint Points to good use, looking at the […]