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Week In Review: Friday July 30th

What’s have you missed this week?  Read on and I’ll tell you…

  • We wrapped up some of the Tour de France graphs, even the fancy animated ones.
  • I demonstrated that there’s nothing special about the Tour de France, graphically anyway.
  • I’ve started putting my crazy contraption, Distributed Sprint Points to good use, looking at the most improved men and women in sprinting last season.
  • FasterSkier published a short piece of mine looking at what happens to skiers who’ve performed at different levels at World Juniors or U23s, and I followed that up with similar graphs for Canada and Germany (and more to come!).
  • Finally, we’re nearing the end of the list of retiring skiers, this week learning about the career of Milan Sperl.

Holy crap, I didn’t realize I posted this much stuff this week.

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