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Race Snapshot: Lahti Freestyle Sprint

Men: Women:

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European Mid-Season Review

This will just be a short note with similar graphs as last time, only for a few of the major European nations. Men’s Distance Sweden continues to generally improve. Note that in terms of top thirty performances, Norway has steadily declined over the years, but not among the top ten or better level. So they’ve […]

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Good Young Finnish Women

A companion post to my previous entry looking at some of the Finnish men. I’m using a sort of cohort style plot. They compare each athlete’s FIS points (similar to, but not exactly, what FIS uses for their rankings) to those of athletes who have gone on to finish in the top ten in a […]

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Some Top Young Finnish Men

I can’t keep up on the enormous number of good young skiers from every nation. I have a hard enough time with just those in my own backyard, the US and Canada. So it’s fun to look at some folks from other countries that I’m not so familiar with. For instance, here are some graphs […]

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Looking Back At The Finnish Men

The death this week of Mika Myllylä has got me thinking about the Finnish men of that era generally, which led to this graph: I’ve graphed FIS points here to include results at all levels. I’d forgotten about Isometsä’s attempts at a comeback after his suspension, which as you can see didn’t go all that […]

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Career Retrospective: Pirjo Muranen

Finnish sprinter Pirjo Muranen is one of several skiers hanging up their skis for good this year. I’ll be devoting a post to each of them over the next few Fridays, but first the Finnish sprinter. Muranen was certainly a successful skier, though not an overpowering one. She has an individual Gold and Bronze from […]

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Nation Trends: ITA, FIN, GER

Now for the sprinting versions of the graphs from my previous post. First up the men: These graphs stretch back into the prehistory of sprinting, so keep that min mind. The Italian men kind of came out of the barn dominating sprinting (or whatever you want to call the “sprinting” events that existed back in […]

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