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Good Young Finnish Women

A companion post to my previous entry looking at some of the Finnish men. I’m using a sort of cohort style plot. They compare each athlete’s FIS points (similar to, but not exactly, what FIS uses for their rankings) to those of athletes who have gone on to finish in the top ten in a WC, WSC or OWG event. There’s obviously a range of FIS points in that group, hence the varying shades of gray in the plot.

I just grabbed five (young-ish) Finnish women who had particularly good points last season, first looking at folks with good distance results( click through for full version):

No surprise to see Lahteenmaki there, and Kerttu Niskanen is another name I know fairly well. As for the sprinters:

Again, Lahteenmaki and Niskanen seem very promising, and maybe Maria Grundvall as well. Although I’m skeptical of how useful FIS points really are for measuring sprinting potential.


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