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Translating Results Back to Europe

Anytime the World Cup hits North America, the issue of weaker fields always comes up. Frequently, even when American or Canadian skiers do seemingly very well here, there’s always that nagging feeling about how that result would translate to a more “complete” World Cup field in Europe. Overall, I think the US results in particular […]

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Younger USST Member Tracking

The USST has expanded somewhat, adding several younger skiers. Acknowledging that FIS points are only a small piece of performance assessment, it has interested me that at various times USST staff have mentioned comparing skiers’ FIS points to medalists, or some other group of top skiers. So here are two graphs showing the younger US […]

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Tour de France Graphs

Rest day number two is upon us, so it’s time to update my graphs tracking the race thus far. First the standard ‘bump chart’ showing the GC picture through the first 15 stages: And for comparison, the same graphs for all the Tour back to 2005 (click for larger version):

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Putting WSC Sprint Results In Context

The day after the race may seem early to start doing serious evaluations, but I thought it would be interesting to take a look at different nations’ performances in championship sprint races over time, to put yesterday’s race in some context. I’ve taken the sprint results from Olympic and World Championship races since 2001 (which, […]

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Nation Trends: ITA, FIN, GER

Now for the sprinting versions of the graphs from my previous post. First up the men: These graphs stretch back into the prehistory of sprinting, so keep that min mind. The Italian men kind of came out of the barn dominating sprinting (or whatever you want to call the “sprinting” events that existed back in […]

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Performance Trends: ITA, FIN, GER

I made a graph a while back for a post dealing with the concern in Norway about their men’s distance squad, and in a follow-up post I provided a version of the same graph for the Swedish and Russian men’s distance teams as well. I’ve decided that I kind of like this graph; it’s a […]

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