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Do the Canadian men struggle early in the season?

Listening to the FasterSkier podcast today, Topher and Nat discussed the notion that the Canadian men frequently seem to struggle early in the season. If we’re talking about how “the Canadian men” perform on the WC level, let’s focus on Kershaw, Harvey and Babikov, since they’ve been the “regulars” on the WC circuit for the […]

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Trends In Race Times: Biathlon

I haven’t posted anything looking at biathlon for a while, so… Since biathlon has had much more consistent race formats over the years and since we don’t need to split up the data by technique, we should be able to get a clearer picture of any trends on the gun-happy side of things. The graph […]

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In The Mid-90s, Second Place Was Different

Sometimes you have some data and a specific question.  Other times, you have some data, and you just sort of noodle around with it aimlessly.  Sadly, I’ve been known to do that just for fun.  I know, I’m a nerd. So I was looking at the gaps between 1st and 2nd place finishers in World […]

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Does Lukas Bauer Ski Better Early In Major Events?

I noticed an interesting tidbit in a FasterSkier article the other day previewing today’s men’s 15km classic race. Towards the end, it mentioned that “Bauer also often does better in his first event in a major event.” Obviously, Bauer had a pretty bad race today, his first of the event, but that doesn’t mean he […]

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Putting WSC Sprint Results In Context

The day after the race may seem early to start doing serious evaluations, but I thought it would be interesting to take a look at different nations’ performances in championship sprint races over time, to put yesterday’s race in some context. I’ve taken the sprint results from Olympic and World Championship races since 2001 (which, […]

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Nation Trends: ITA, FIN, GER

Now for the sprinting versions of the graphs from my previous post. First up the men: These graphs stretch back into the prehistory of sprinting, so keep that min mind. The Italian men kind of came out of the barn dominating sprinting (or whatever you want to call the “sprinting” events that existed back in […]

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Performance Trends: ITA, FIN, GER

I made a graph a while back for a post dealing with the concern in Norway about their men’s distance squad, and in a follow-up post I provided a version of the same graph for the Swedish and Russian men’s distance teams as well. I’ve decided that I kind of like this graph; it’s a […]

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