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Trends In Race Times: Biathlon

I haven’t posted anything looking at biathlon for a while, so… Since biathlon has had much more consistent race formats over the years and since we don’t need to split up the data by technique, we should be able to get a clearer picture of any trends on the gun-happy side of things. The graph […]

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A Few End Of The Year Numbers

Just to follow up on a few tweets over the weekend… Skiers from 10 different nations had podium results in men’s events, and only women from 7 different nations did the same. The nations with the most podiums are in stark contrast. For both the men and women, you of course have Norway in the […]

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Race Snapshot: IBU World Cup Mass Start

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Race Snapshot: IBU WC Women’s Pursuit

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Race Snapshot: IBU WC Sprint

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Race Snapshot: WBC Mass Start

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World Biathlon Champs: USA/CAN Histories

Since I’ve been neglecting biathlon a bit lately, I figured I owed everyone a biathlon post, particularly given the shocking 5th place finish the other day by Susan Dunklee. So here is some historical data on how the US and Canada have performed at WBCs over the years. First, measured by finishing place: The blue […]

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