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A Few End Of The Year Numbers

Just to follow up on a few tweets over the weekend… Skiers from 10 different nations had podium results in men’s events, and only women from 7 different nations did the same. The nations with the most podiums are in stark contrast. For both the men and women, you of course have Norway in the […]

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Kershaw’s Volatility

A regular reader asked me over the weekend to comment on Devon Kershaw’s less than stellar opening race of the season. Specifically, he asked:  Kershaw seems like he’s one of the most volatile skiers on the WC circuit. Is this true? The question of how consistent (or not) various skiers are comes up fairly regularly. […]

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Female Long Distance Specialists

Since we supposedly do statistics around here, the goal here will be to ‘statistically’ identify folks who specialize in longer distance races. By that I mean people who tend to ski better (relative to their own performance) in longer races. The fun part is to see whether the folks we single out match up with […]

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Whether She Has 46 Or 52 WC Wins, Marit Bjørgen Is Very Fast

So I guess I need to post something again about how many WC “victories” Marit Bjørgen has, ground that we’ve covered in considerable depth before. The occasion for revisiting this topic is FIS’s press release trumpeting the fact that Bjørgen has officially reached 46 WC victories, matching the great Björn Dæhlie. As we discussed in […]

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The Unusual Sprinting Success Of People With ‘LL’ In Their Name

Ask, and ye shall receive. Christopher Tassava noted at the link above that the top four female sprinters on Sunday all had a double-L in their names. Coincidence? A mere statistical anomaly? Or should American and Canadian parents start naming their children Allan, Allison or Ellen? I’m being kind of silly here, of course, but […]

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