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A Few End Of The Year Numbers

Just to follow up on a few tweets over the weekend… Skiers from 10 different nations had podium results in men’s events, and only women from 7 different nations did the same. The nations with the most podiums are in stark contrast. For both the men and women, you of course have Norway in the […]

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Race Snapshot: Düsseldorf Sprints

Nice job, Kikkan! Full versions below the fold.

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Best Young Sprint Skiers: 2009-2010

This is the sprinting version of my earlier post looking at some of the best young distance skiers on the World Cup circuit last season.  The methodology here is basically the same.  I’ve set an age cutoff of 24, I’m only considering skiers who did at least four major international (i.e. WC, OWG, TDS) sprint […]

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Trends In Race Times

Conventional wisdom holds (so I’m told) that World Cup skiers go faster these days for a variety of reasons: improved grooming technology, improved equipment/waxing, larger athlete pool, better training/diet (on average) etc.  It would be neat if this trend showed up in results data.  Namely, have the top times for races of a set distance […]

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Biathlon and Cross Country Volatility Trends

A commenter asked about whether I could take the data from this post and look at trends over time.  The answer, of course, if yes! The statistic of interest here is median absolute deviation (MAD), which is a measure of variability.  In this case, we’re calculating a MAD value for each skier and each season […]

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Is Biathlon More Volatile Than Cross Country?

Yes. That whole shooting bit.  Tricky, isn’t it? So maybe a bit more discussion would be good.  This graph shows the distributions of the median absolute deviations (MADs) by athlete and season, for those athletes who competed in at least five major competitions in that season. Biathletes, due to wild swings in shooting performance, are […]

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Measuring Competitiveness Using Churn

In one of the articles I wrote for, someone asked a question in the comments that I thought was interesting, so I dashed off a quick answer.  Sadly, as is common when I do something quickly, I made a mistake.  So I need to correct the record. Commenter triguy mentioned that it would be […]

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