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Odds and Ends after Otepää

After all the hype, particularly last season, regarding the major (though seemingly friendly) rivalry between Petter Northug and Marcus Hellner, it’s been interesting to have it all sort of fizzle out this year. Northug’s been struggling with getting back into form after being sick, and Hellner also struggled somewhat during the Tour de Ski. However, […]

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Comparing Variability In Men’s & Women’s Sprinting

I was listening to FasterSkier’s podcast the other day and was a bit startled to here one of the participants mention me by name![1. By the way, Christopher, it’s pronounced JOR-an; like “Jordan” but with no “d”.  My parents gave me the Scandinavian name, but not the Scandinavian pronunciation.  And shame on you, Colin, for […]

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Measuring Competitiveness Using Churn

In one of the articles I wrote for, someone asked a question in the comments that I thought was interesting, so I dashed off a quick answer.  Sadly, as is common when I do something quickly, I made a mistake.  So I need to correct the record. Commenter triguy mentioned that it would be […]

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