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Unusual WC Sprint Qualifying Time Gaps

The recent episode of the Devon Kershaw Show by FasterSkier (which I’ve been enjoying quite a lot) included some discussion of the noticeably large time gaps in the men’s classic sprint World Cup in Oberstdorf, Germany. Beginning at around 25:18 they discussed a variety of aspects of the large time gaps. I thought that some […]

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Comparing Variability In Men’s & Women’s Sprinting

I was listening to FasterSkier’s podcast the other day and was a bit startled to here one of the participants mention me by name![1. By the way, Christopher, it’s pronounced JOR-an; like “Jordan” but with no “d”.  My parents gave me the Scandinavian name, but not the Scandinavian pronunciation.  And shame on you, Colin, for […]

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The Quick Way To Stay On Top Of FasterSkier Comments

Curious what people have been talking about in the comments section on lately ?  Maybe you are, but too scared to look?  I’ve got a solution for you. Or maybe you’re one of those people who would rather anonymously mock anonymous FasterSkier commenters, in which case this might make your mockery more time efficient, which […]

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FasterSkier Article

The guys at FasterSkier were kind enough (again) to post something of mine at their site.  You can read it here.  I’ll be following up that article with more graphs highlighting skiers from different countries over the next week or two, so stay tuned…

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