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Russian Men’s Tour Performances

Even without the somewhat dramatic ending, it seemed to me that the Russian men had a fairly strong Tour showing, and a quick graph seems to confirm this: Legkov seemed to have sort of plateaued over the previous 2-3 seasons, but so far appears dramatically improved overall. Vylegzhanin had a generally off year (for him) […]

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Race Snapshot: IBU WC Sprint

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European Mid-Season Review

This will just be a short note with similar graphs as last time, only for a few of the major European nations. Men’s Distance Sweden continues to generally improve. Note that in terms of top thirty performances, Norway has steadily declined over the years, but not among the top ten or better level. So they’ve […]

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Rogla Distance Races

Oh yeah, there were some distance races in Rogla on Saturday too, huh? Once again, this will be short on the words; just some pretty pictures. The US women had another strong outing: Once again I’d note the continued downward trends for Holly and Kikkan and the generally flat trend for Liz. (Ida still has […]

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Who’s Producing Fast Young Male Skiers?

A quick follow up to my previous post on the same topic for women. Swap Germany for Russia, and otherwise the answer is largely unchanged: Once again, this is the number of skiers born since 1988 who’s best FIS points results last season averaged better than 50 FIS points. I used a more strict cutoff […]

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Race Snapshot: Rybinsk 10/20km Pursuit

I care about the Rybinsk races, even if lots of other people don’t. Not surprisingly, a Russian guy won the men’s race, but I’m not sure it was the Russian most people were expecting. Also, exercise some caution with the FIS points; it appeared to be a very tactical race so everyone is pretty close […]

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Rybinsk: Does Anyone Care?

I don’t mean any disrespect by the title, there, it’s just that the Rybinsk World Cups haven’t been very well attended. I was told by a friend recently that the Canadians included as part of their WSC selection criteria the standard of “finishing in the top 20 and the top half of a World Cup […]

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