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WJC Preview

World Junior Championships are just around the corner, so for some perspective, let’s take a look at how various nations have done at this even historically. I’m not going to provide much commentary, just show each nation’s history. First up the US: Not ideal trends, I think, across the board. But junior championships can be […]

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World Champs Preview: Sprint

Following up on the previous post looking at distance results, the same graphs for the sprinters. Obviously, sprinting hasn’t been around as long and there’s typically only one sprint race per championship event, so “results per race” is kind of a silly metric to use, but whatever. There’s a lot less to say here, so […]

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World Champs Preview: Distance

These previews will be very general and quick, basically just charting the overall performance of the major nations in championship events (Olympics and World Championships) over time. We’ll start with the men’s distance events: The measurement here is “results per race”, so for instance the Norwegian men averaged 1 Gold medal per race in the […]

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Rybinsk: Does Anyone Care?

I don’t mean any disrespect by the title, there, it’s just that the Rybinsk World Cups haven’t been very well attended. I was told by a friend recently that the Canadians included as part of their WSC selection criteria the standard of “finishing in the top 20 and the top half of a World Cup […]

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WJC/U23 Preview: International (con’t)

As before, we can also look at how the results at WJCs and U23s for different nations match up with each athlete’s future performance in major international competitions. These graphs are constructed in the same manner. For each athlete in the graph I scored their future results in all OWG, WSC, WC or TDS races […]

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WJC/U23 Preview: International

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the bigger nations track records at World Junior Championships and U23s. The graphs will be very similar to the ones I used in my post looking at the USA and Canada. I’m only going to look at results for Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Germany. […]

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WJC/U23 Preview: USA and CAN

World Junior and U23 Championships are just around the corner! The posts today will focus on the US and Canadian teams, subsequent posts will look at some of the other top nations. WJCs and U23s are rolled into the same week of racing, although they split up the results by age group. U23s in particular […]

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